Welcome to the site of exhibitionism for adult males, gay men, cross dressers, transvestites and bisexuals.
Bob For Men is a free site of amateur male photo and video submission.
Naughty dating and private photo trading to masturbate between gay men, transvestites, cross dressers and bisexuals.
Males in lingerie, transvestism, sodomy, anal sex, oral sex, blow job, hand job, cum shot, swallow sperm.
Share your fantasies in the BOB community of men exhibitionists.

The submissions of amateurs are published every day of the year by myself since Bob For Men started.
Bob For men consists of two parts: the free area and the Candy Bob member area.
The free area requires no registration and allows all adult visitors to admire free the most recent submissions of amateurs in section Gay, Trav, Bi SOFT and VIDEOS less than 30 seconds.
The Candy Bob member area is available after registration and includes thousands of submissions from amateurs Gay, Bisexual and Transvestites.
The Candy Bob members have access to all photo and video archives published since the site created. There are thousands of private photos and porn homemade videos of men Gay, Bisexuals and Travestites carefully classified.
Besides the archives, Candy Bob members have privileged access to the HARD section and to long VIDEO over 30 seconds section.

You can submit your exhibitionism photos and porn videos preserving your anonymity. It's simple, fast and free. Your contributions are published within 24 hours. It only takes a few minutes to create your account and upload your photos directly from the page "Upload photos". You can submit in the sections of your choice, participate in the HARD section or long VIDEO over 30 seconds section. In this case you will receive 15 days of free access to the Candy Bob member area.

Here are the details of the sections in the free area:
- Sections Gay, Bi and Trav SOFT: photos of male sex (naked, in women lingerie, cross dressing, outdoor exhibitionism, solo masturbation, cum shot ...).
- Sections Gay, Bi and Trav VIDEO, AUDIO: video and audio files less 30 seconds (naked, in women lingerie, outdoor exhibitionism, solo masturbation, cross dressers, cum shot ...)

Here are the details of the sections in the Candy Bob member area:
- Sections Gay, Bi and Trav HARD: hardcore photos and extreme sex men Gay, Bisexual and Transvestites (sex toys, dildo, dilatation, fist, sodomy, uro, blow job, hand job, couples gay, orgy, gang bang, bondage, swallow sperm ...)
- Section VIDEOS: long videos more than 30 seconds of Gay men, bisexuals and transvestites.
- Archives: all photo and video contributions submitted since Bob4men started.

Bob For Men is not the only Bob community site for amateurs, you can find the same quality free amateur content in my other sites:
www.bobvoyeur.com is a site for submitted private photos and porn videos of hot women and sexy couples, photo trade, dating with exhibitionists couples and naughty women, swinging.
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Since 2003 Bob sites allow you to explore your sexuality alone or as a couple, discover the pleasure of the exhibitionism between adults or simply be a voyeur.

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